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Our 100% Purpose Promise

We believe in a world where every girl can go to school and determine her own future.

That's why 100% of our profits go directly to our nonprofit, S H E, to power our mission of creating sustainable education and employment opportunities for girls and women around the world.

Our nonprofit social enterprise model

Most companies build their business first and then create a giveback program for charity. Well, we did it in reverse. 

We spent our first 5 years building an amazing nonprofit for girls and women in Togo, Africa. After making and providing over 4,500 school uniforms for girls in Togo, we launched Changemakers, our game-changing school uniform brand, to power our mission for girls and women all around the world!

Being a 501c3 nonprofit means we can direct 100% of our profits to our mission. And, our years of experience providing school uniforms for girls means you never have to sacrifice on quality, or conscience, again.


Our impact

changemakers icon-4.png

Education sponsorships provided for girls in Togo, Africa


changemakers icon-4.png

Women employed year-round in Togo, Africa


changemakers icon-4.png

Rural communities in Togo, Africa served


changemakers icon-4.png

Of women employed don't have previous formal education


changemakers icon-4.png

Pass rate for girls sponsored by our program


changemakers icon-4.png


Adult literacy achieved by women in our program

Impact Calculator

When your school makes the switch to Changemakers, this is the positive impact your students can create each year.


sponsorships funded for girls

who receive new school uniforms, full-tuition scholarships, and year-round support

*estimates based on school with 500 students enrolled *

When you become a partner school, we create custom impact reports for you.

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