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Our Essentials

Our signature styles are carefully created and ethically made for the modern girl on the move.


Custom Uniforms

Already have a style your students love? Or are you ready for a new style that better represents your students? 

Our team of designers can create (or recreate) any style with all the sustainability and social impact that make it a changemaker uniform. 

Our Signature Features

We equip every changemaker with:

Inspiring affirmations that encourage girls to be confidently themselves

Sustainable, durable, and comfortable fabrics sourced from ethical suppliers

Functional pockets in every pant, skirt, and dress

Screenshot 2023-06-19 095737.png
Screenshot 2023-06-19 095737.png
Screenshot 2023-06-19 095737.png

Ethical Manufacturing

Highest quality. Highest Impact. 

All Changemakers uniforms are made ethically in the US, Canada, and our own sustainable factories in Togo, Africa. 


Every time your students put on their uniforms, they are creating gainful employment for women who work in uplifting conditions with thriving-wage salaries.

Our signature features

We want every girl to feel confident when she puts on her Changemakers uniform. Our signature features are designed to equip every girl to take on the world.

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Functional pockets

No more skirts, pants, or dresses without pockets! Our pockets are known for their functionality.

changemakers icon-3.png


Inspiring messages inside every uniform remind our Changemakers that they are part of a global community cheering them on.

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Performance fabrics

We listen to our parents. We select all fabrics to be wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking, and easy to care for. 

Download our 2023 Lookbook

Our Materials

We only source sustainable materials from trusted suppliers, ensuring

every Changemakers uniform is made with planet, people, and performance at top-of mind. Gone are the days of stuffy, stiff uniforms that don't move (mountains) with your students. 

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Recycled Polyester

Our moisture-wicking fabrics utilize recycled polyester fibers that divert plastic PET water-bottles from landfill.

changemakers icon.png

Organic Cotton

Our classic uniform fabrics utilize organic or certified cotton fibers that are grown in water-rich regions of the world.

changemakers icon.png

Recycled Nylon

Our athletic apparel utilizes recycled nylon fibers for high-performance, eco-friendly

game days.

changemakers icon.png

Eco-friendly fabrics

Our cellulose-fiber fabrics are made from fast-growing, renewable plants and trees for reduced environmental impact.

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